Individual Therapy 

The therapeutic process is really key in helping you grow to your fullest potential. Through therapy I will help you understand and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from enjoying your life. Long term therapy improves the way your brain processes information so that you can actually think and feel better. 

Couples Therapy 

If you like to repair your relationship/marriage or reconnect with your partner, couples therapy can help with that. In couples therapy you and your partner will learn how to communicate effectively, manage disagreements better, enhance your friendship, enhance your ability to connect intimately, address problems effectively and find solutions to them.

Parenting Support


Parenting is one of the most challenging yet satisfying tasks in the world. As a parent it is so important to have enough physical and emotional support, but most of us do it without that support. If you are overwhelmed most of the time, feel angry, are resentful, worried that you are not doing enough or are doing something wrong, find yourself becoming impatient very quickly then you need support. During the therapeutic process you will learn:

  • To be the best version of yourself so that you can be the parent that you want to be.

  • You will learn to manage your emotions better.

  • Understand how your emotional tone is affecting  your child and ultimately your family. 

  • Understand and better manage your child's behaviors.

  • Learn about self care and how to make time for it.

Workshops and Virtual Webinars 

Monthly virtual Webinars and Masterclass Workshops will be offered by myself and a Master Life Coach. Our passion is bringing tools and alternative modalities to those seeking support. We serve a community of people that desire change and want to overcome anxiety, overwhelm, burn out, chronic high achievers and those that have difficulty setting healthy boundaries. 

Mindfullness Retreats 

Embark on your journey during this informative and relaxing day of mindfulness. These retreats will help you understand how to prevent burn out, cope with anxiety and its effects on the mind/body/soul. You will walk away with practical tools to alleviate stress in a healthy way. You will learn to connect to your inner voice and free yourself from any ties that are holding you down. Retreats are held on a monthly basis. 

My Approach

My experience in the field of psychology and mental health started 10 years ago. Throughout the past ten years, I have worked with individuals, families, children and couples struggling from a vast variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, abandonment, PTSD, Bipolar disorders, behavioral issues and relationship issues.


I use a strength based approach and really create a unique treatment plan that will allow you to address the obstacles that you are going through. You will learn ways to manage and overcome your painful emotions and live a full and gratifying life. I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Therapy, Trauma Focused CBT, Narrative Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy. 


At Your Journey is Here you will have the ultimate support as you work through your pain. You will learn to have accountability, you will be provided with tools to alleviate and assist you during this difficult time and you will also learn how to shift your negative thoughts into positive ones to create a better outlook on life. You will work with me as your therapist and also have the opportunity to meet with a Master life coach and most importantly you will no longer be alone on an island. You will be given the opportunity to choose between a variety of treatment options that best serve your needs. After the assessment phase, you will better understand what really has gotten you to reach out and what can provide you relief. 


I am passionate about helping you and will create an empathic, supportive and non judgmental environment where you will feel most at ease and can finally tell your story, be heard and understood.